My name is Scott Campbell and I'm currently spending my time as a footballer, football coach, martial artist, audio-visual professional and technology consultant. Currently living in London, UK.

Scott (at) ScottC (dot) info
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Chao Island

Chao Island

Website design and development, front-end and back-end, community management and administration. 12k members. | Launch Site


Website design, development and maintenance | Launch Site

SimCity4 Bug Fixes

Self made bug fixes for SimCity 4, reverse engineering and editing | Launch Site

Graal Online Classic

Graal Classic Legacy Server

Replica of Graal The Adventure 2004, level pack fixed and updated | Launch Site


Foodoria: Takeaway and Delivery

Director of Technology at Foodoria. Website graphic design and consultancy | Launch Site

Funzo B

Funzo B Official Website

Music artist website design, development and mentoring | Launch Site Blog

Personal website design and development | Launch Site

Flappy World Cup

Flappy World Cup

Android app, all programming, all graphics (not updated for latest android version!) | Download apk file

Trophy Cabnet

Football Trophies

Awards as a player and a coach. No participation trophies, just real rewards of hard work and talent | Currently: Jolof Sports FC